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Movie name: The Red Green
Duration: 74 Mins 16 Secs
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish, Kurdish
Director Name: Ersin Kana
Producer Name: Hüseyin Türkan, Hakan Alak
Story and Script Writer: Ersin Kana
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Premier status: North American
Movie Rate: +13
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The Red Green


Movie Name: Touch of an Angel
Duration: 62 Mins
Country: Poland / Germany
Language: Polish
Director Name: Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
Producer Name:  Malgorzata Walczak   
Story and Script Writer: Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
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Premier status: Canadian
Movie Rate: 
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Touch of an Angel

Poland / Germany

Movie Name: SHACKLE
Duration: 100 Mins
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Director Name: Dedipya Joshii
Producer Name: Aanand Rathore & Dedipya Joshii
Story and Script Writer: Aanand Rathore & Dedipya Joshii
Premier status: Saskatchewan
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Movie Rate:
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Movie Name: Lokabandhoo
Duration: 95 Mine
Country: India
Language: Assamese
Director Name: Dhiraj Kashyap
Producer Name: Dr.Dilip Ghoshal
Story and Script Writer: Dhiraj Kashyap, Jayanta Madhab Bora
Premier status: World
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Movie Rate: G
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Movie Name: She, The Sergeant Matacho
Duration: 93 Mine
Country: Colombia-México
Language: Spanish
Director Name: William González
Producer Name: Alina Hleap
Story and Script Writer: Pedro Claver Tellez, script Marco Antonio López Salmanca, William González, Matilde Rodríguez
Premier status: Canadian
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Movie Rate: 14A
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She, The Sergeant Matacho


Movie Name: 2 Girls
Duration: 52 Mine
Country: Italy
Language: Amharic, Bengali - English subtitles
Director Name: Marco Speroni
Producer Name: Federico Schiavi
Story and Script Writer: Speroni
Premier status: Saskatchewan
Movie Rate: G
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2 Girls


Movie Name: The Brian Upson Story
Duration: 51 Mine
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Tavish Kelpin
Producer Name: Meryl Stevens
Story and Script Writer: 
Premier status:
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Movie Rate: G
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The Brian Upson Story


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