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Pamela Warden


Pamela Warden knew at an early age that she wanted to be a make-up artist. “I didn’t even know that this was a career!” Growing up on the streets of Saskatoon I would watch the working girls put their makeup on in the pool hall. “I was always fascinated with the transformations.” Pamela started her makeup career at the age 15. Selling home beauty products. Shortly after Pamela was recruited by Matrix Essentials; Pamela would work extensively all over North America doing runway make up and as a educator for 10 years. At age 24 Pamela opened her own business, a salon and spa in Saskatoon for 8 years and played a key role in the inception of Women Entrepreneurs of Sask. “Afterwards I realized I was doing more business than makeup.’ Wanting a career in theatre, film and television, Pamela sold her business left Matrix to pursue it. I practised hard, went to cosmetology school, took courses to learn airbrush techniques, gore and fx – It came natural and didn’t feel like work. “I always thought this was the beauty of this artistry. To make major transformations.” I would study on my own to learn the protocols that came with the industry, and slowly made the integration from salon to film, tv & theatre. Residing now in Montreal QB, Pamela works solely as a make-up artist. She works as a celebrity artist & travels exclusively with Nicolas Cage. Her works include in Montreal APTN’s Mohawk Girls, Tableau D’hôte Hosanna, Never Tear Us Apart, CTV news, and more… Saskatchewan made Rufus, Ferocious, 13 Eerie, Wolf Cop, Surface Hair, Insecurity, Rabbit Fall and more… “I’ve had some amazing experiences in the make-up industry, worked with amazing actors, crews etc. and I’m always looking forward to the next project.”