Riffa Foundation

Regina International Film Festival & Awards (RIFFA) Foundation Inc., is a non-profit multi-faceted cultural art organisation located in queen city Regina. The foundation's operations engage with quality programs to enrich the community while celebrating film and diversity. These programs include The Regina International Film Festival and awards (RIFFA), RIFFA Academy, RIFFA Studio, RIFFA Studio and the RIFFA Classic awards show.


Inspire and motivate people to discover the world through the art of motion pictures.

Build an internationally recognized film art organization that empowers, entertains and educates a diverse community. Build community capacity in the cinematic arts to encourage human connection, innovation, and self-expression through storytelling.


1. Depict and promote world cultures through the art of cinema in Saskatchewan's multicultural community.

2. Integrate local, national and international media attention with Saskatchewan tourism to showcase unique festival programs and the best of world cinema.

3. Enlighten, enchant, motivate and entertain the public by bringing powerful personal, inspirational and imaginative stories to Saskatchewan.

4. Support and nurture Saskatchewan’s vibrant filmmaking community by bringing quality panels workshops, and networking events to the festival.

5. Honour outstanding achievements in Canadian and international cinema by hosting a prominent award show in Regina Saskatchewan.

6. Utilize publicity and 'limelight' created by RIFFA to endorse RIFFA Foundation's charity of choice.

7. Provide a safe platform to engage, educate, and encourage marginalized cinematic artists to be creative and innovative in self-expression.