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Movie name: Dreamers
Duration: 10 Mins 50 Secs
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Kolby Kostyniuk
Producer Name: Stephanie Proulx
Story and Script Writer: Kolby Kostyniuk
Premier status: Saskatchewan
Movie Rate: PG



Movie Name: The Road
Duration: 24 Mins 38 Secs
Country: USA
Language: Dutch, Armenian
Director Name: Alexsander Baghdasaryan
Producer Name:  Edgar Baghdasaryan   
Story and Script Writer: Edgar Baghdasaryan
Premier status: 
Movie Rate: 

The Road


Movie Name: Maestro
Duration: 16 Mins 22 Secs
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
Director Name: Nemanja Mladenovic
Producer Name: Dusan Djokovic,Mile Mladenovic
Story and Script Writer: Nemanja Mladenovic
Premier status: Canada
Movie Rate: G



Movie Name: Road Game
Duration: 19 Mins 19 Secs
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Scott Woloshin
Producer Name: Scott Woloshin
Story and Script Writer: Scott Woloshin
Premier status: Premier Exception
Movie Rate: 14A

Road Game


Movie Name: I don't like her
Duration: 20 Mins
Country: Iran
Language: Parsein
Director Name: javad daraei
Producer Name: javad daraei
Story and Script Writer: javad daraei
Premier status: Canadian
Movie Rate: G

I don't like her


Movie Name: Mic & Me
Duration: 11 Mins 17 Secs
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Name: Jacob Shao
Producer Name: Jacob Shao
Story and Script Writer: Jacob Shao
Premier status: Canadian
Movie Rate: PG

Mic & Me


Movie Name: Icky
Duration: 5 Mins 56 Secs
Country: Iran
Language: No Dialogue
Director Name: Parastoo Cardgar
Producer Name: Parastoo Cardgar
Story and Script Writer: Parastoo Cardgar
Premier status: Canadian
Movie Rate: G



Movie Name: Yume
Duration: 12 Mins 26 Secs
Country: Singapore/Japan/USA
Language: Japanese
Director Name: Grace Swee
Producer Name: Minami Goto
Story and Script Writer: Minami Goto & Grace Swee
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: 14A



'' General Admission is restricted to persons 14 years of age or older unless accompanied by an adult. There are no restrictions for the following movies Snow queen3 and Sheep and wolves. ''