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Movie name: Welcome To Nowhere
Duration: 88 Mins
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Robin Dunne
Producer Name: Shayne Putzlocher, Mark Montague
Story and Script Writer: Kristina Bates, Maureen Oxley, Robin Dunne
Premier status: World
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Movie Rate: PG
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Welcome To Nowhere


Movie name: Blue Hollywood
Duration: 82 Mins 18 Secs
Country: UK / Italy
Language: English / Italian
Director Name: Francesco Gabriele
Producer Name: Devorah Corona Mendez
Story and Script Writer: Francesco Gabriele
Premier status: World
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Movie Rate: 18A
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Blue Hollywood

UK / Italy

Movie name: The Trial 2.0
Duration: 52 Mins
Country: Canada (Québec)
Language: French
Director Name: Nadia Zouaoui
Producer Name: Nadia Zouaoui
Story and Script Writer: Nadia Zouaoui
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: G

The Trail 2.0

Canada (Québec)

Movie Name: I Know It When I See It
Duration: 21 minutes 23 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Kevin McGuiness
Producer Name: Kevin McGuiness
Story and Script Writer: Kevin McGuiness
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: 18A

I Know it When I See it


Movie Name: All in Vain (Boşa Giden Her Şey)
Duration: 14" 58'
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Director Name: Vural Uzundağ
Producer Name: Vural Uzundağ, Güneş Zahid (CoProducer)
Story and Script Writer: Türker Ayyıldız (Story), Vural Uzundağ (Script Writer)
Premier status: World Premiere
Movie Rate: PG

All in Vain


Movie Name: Canadian Sniper
Duration: 9 min 14 secs
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Dennis Nicholson
Producer Name: Dennis Nicholson & Haille Marshall
Story and Script Writer: Dennis Nicholson
Premier status: World 
Movie Rate: G

Canadian Sniper


Movie Name: Steve
Duration: 5 min 44 secs
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Jillian Buchanan
Producer Name: Randi Strickland + Jillian Buchanan
Story and Script Writer: Jillian Buchanan
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: PG



Movie Name: The Other Side
Duration: 7 Min 22 Secs
Country: Canada/Vanuatz
Language: None
Director Name: Anthony Goertz
Producer Name: Robert Latte
Story and Script Writer: Anthony Goertz, Robert Latte
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: G

The Other Side


Movie Name: Yume
Duration: 12 Mins 26 Secs
Country: Singapore/Japan/USA
Language: Japanese
Director Name: Grace Swee
Producer Name: Minami Goto
Story and Script Writer: Minami Goto & Grace Swee
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: 14A



Movie name: A complicated Masquerade
Duration: 102 Mins
Country: Canada
Language: English
Director Name: Ken Dalgarno
Producer Name: Ken Dalgarno
Story and Script Writer: Ken Dalgarno
Premier status: World
Movie Rate: G

A complicated Masquerade