Saskatchewan Film Makers

Saskatchewan, founded in 1905, is often seen as the flat prairies you see while driving on Highway 1 and 11, and is the landscape often conveyed in popular films that represent this province and its iconic identity. That is one small part of this province’s story. Indigenous peoples have been here since time immemorial. In film history, Indigenous peoples were often positioned as the Other and often without voice or agency. That is until Indigenous directors, producers and writers took up creative roles in film that also gave opportunity for audiences to see authentic and diverse Indigenous experiences. These stories, metaphorically, were not often found in the main highways of most film festivals. Saskatchewan filmmakers, whose families have been here for multiple generations, have also found a place in the industry, and we are now home to many peoples from diverse backgrounds from around the globe. The Regina International Film festival, and this selection of Saskatchewan Stories, is a way to bridge these audiences and to partake in story sharing together.

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RIFFA is a proud supporter of Saskatchewan’s filmmaking community. We’re committed to nurturing the province’s emerging filmmakers and our film culture year-round. Along with this mission, RIFFA supports mental health initiatives with our maximum ability and needs your support to effectively lead this mission. Let’s join together…